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Global Reputation Research Business Strengthens With Acquisition: Mindful Reputation, and Practice Expert, Buys Echo Research

London, New York 16th April 2018 — Mindful Reputation Limited has acquired the reputation research business from media and marketing insights firm, Ebiquity PLC.

The international PR measurement, digital and stakeholder research business based in London and New York will be rebranded back to Echo Research. Echo Research offers customised research specialising in the evaluation and measurement of corporate reputation, branding and communications.

Founder and CEO, Sandra Macleod, said “With the growing recognition of reputation as a valuable asset and clients seeking to invest and protect it, I am thrilled to be reunited with this tremendous team, one that has long been known for its roster of global blue–chip clients, award-winning research and innovative approaches and insights.

Macleod added, “As Mindful Reputation expanded into integrated reputation measurement, counsel and training for boards and senior leadership, this business unit extended its media and stakeholder research further into brand evaluation and global issues monitoring. This puts us at the forefront of a burgeoning industry, one that C-Suite leaders from multiple industries are increasingly turning to.

“Combining forces again makes sense as more and more clients seek clear, pragmatic insights, metrics and leadership skills on their communications and reputations to help drive material improvements. This requires multi-disciplinary teams under one roof, capable of combining digital analytics, proven methodologies, global expertise, tailor-made solutions and qualified advisors, across a range of industries making it easier for clients to access different state-of-the art services, advice and integrated reporting as needed.’

Echo Research Limited was founded by Macleod in 1989, initially trading as CARMA International. Extending its media analytics with market research capabilities in 1999 under the Echo banner, it had offices in the UK, France, Singapore and the U.S.A. by the time it was acquired by Ebiquity PLC in 2011. In 2013, the unit was integrated into Ebiquity’s Market Intelligence division, just as Macleod launched Mindful Reputation Ltd and with it, The Academy for Communication Excellence with reputation management at its core http://mindfulreputation.com/the-academy/.

Sandra Macleod is an Expert Witness on Reputation, and also Director of the reputation valuation firm, Reputation Dividend www.reputationdividend.com