Market & Stakeholder Research

Research providing data-driven insights into reputation, brand and communications effectiveness

Echo’s Market & Stakeholder Research service helps organizations to understand and optimize how their brands, reputation and communications are perceived. This is both from the inside (staff perceptions), the outside (external stakeholder opinions), and everything in between.

Build and enhance reputation
The unique way in which we deliver our data-driven research reports, complete with recommendations and consultation, allows us to offer actionable insight and strategic guidance. We help clients plan what to do, both immediately and strategically, in order to develop and enhance their reputation.

We do this through a combination of:
• Qualitative Research (in-depth interviews, focus groups etc.)
• Quantitative Research (online, telephone, omnibus etc.)
• Desk research

Questions We Answer:

Which stakeholders influence our reputation, and how do they perceive us?
How does our reputation affect the behaviour of consumers and stakeholders?
How effective are our corporate communications?

In Brief:

Reputation Analysis
Understands how stakeholders perceive you and how their perceptions impact on your business and brand.

Communications Effectiveness
Evaluates the impact of your communications’ on your brand and business

Stakeholder Research
Determines who your key stakeholders are, and how best to engage with them

Brand Evaluation
Benchmarks and tracks how consumers feel and act towards your brand

Publicity Research
Uses great research to promote and position your brand