Reputation & Research

Global research providing insights into media coverage and corporate reputation, brand and communications effectiveness

Echo’s Market & Stakeholder Research team helps you to understand and optimize how your brands, reputation and communications are perceived around the world. Capturing both internal staff perceptions and external stakeholder opinions, we provide clear and insightful evaluation of your global media coverage through concise media analysis reports that help you to understand your brand reputation and PR effectiveness. Through our social media monitoring we can also help you understand what people are truly saying about your brand, pin-point the latest discussion topics, and get richer insights that go beyond automated sentiment analysis.

Questions We Answer:

How effective are our corporate PR and Communications strategies?
What is my organization’s global and regional reputation and media profile?
Which stakeholders influence our reputation, and how do they perceive us?

In Brief:

Our reputation and communications effectiveness research has helped more than 500 world-class clients

Responding to specific client communication briefs

Market Knowledge
Analysts across Europe, the US and Australia / SEA with specialist market knowledge

Stakeholder Research
Determines who your key stakeholders are, and how best to engage with them

Brand Evaluation
Benchmarks and tracks how consumers feel and act towards your brand